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Letting go; fluttering leaves from the pages of our life

Let's think of our life as a heavy book in which in every page an experience, an emotion, a thought is registered. Let's also admit that most of us carry this book, this heavy load, on our shoulder, or back, or chest or head. In fact, the more emotions and thoughts we register and keep close to us, the heavier our load becomes.

In hypnotherapy, we deal with something called body syndromes. If we carry a heavy load on our head (many unprocessed thoughts) we end up suffering from headaches. If we carry a heavy load on our chest (too many unprocessed emotions and anxiety) we can suffer from high blood pressure and heart related conditions. If we carry the load on our back or shoulder (too much responsibility or generally taking on too much) we might experience chronic back or shoulder pain.

When we experience pain and discomfort in any part of our body, we must always first and foremost seek medical advise. However, I would like to bring to your attention, that often times discomforts arise first and foremost psychosomatically.

We can prevent many health concerns by ensuring that we treat ourselves well as holistic beings. We must take care of our body, mind and spirit. This means that we have to respect our bodies with the proper nutrition and exercise and we must lighten our mind and spirit by not taking too much on.

The simple act of letting go, of forgiving, of moving on, of allowing some of the pages to flutter away, will achieve incredible results. Letting go alone can prevent many health issues as well as help along in the process of healing when we are already dealing with a concern.

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