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Technology and Distractions

With the advance of technology, most families have now gadgets and distractions at their disposal that keep them occupied for hours at a time and especially during their free times.

Children, as young as three years old are glued to their iPads as adults browse the internet and generally keep themselves busy with their online social network as well as the matters of their business. Internet, servers where information can be stored and platforms allow us to be updated 24/7 and most of us really make an effort to be connected to that point.

I find myself waking up at 2 am, 4 am and 6 am and instinctively I grab my phone from my night stand to see how many emails I've received over the night. Besides the fact that I haven't had a proper night's sleep in ages, my mind does not rest but is always expecting some news from someone. While we have become so much more connected to our online network (both work as well as 'friends'), we have distanced ourselves from our families. We have distanced ourselves from those we love the most and that love us the most in return.

I propose technology and gadget free times/days. Get your family and/or best friends together and just enjoy being in each other's company. Turn off cell phones, TV's, iPads and whatever other past time that usually distracts you and love and be loved by your family. You can perhaps make this a regular commitment in your lives. As you reconnect to each other, watch how love has the power to transform you.

With love, Shiva

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